America’s premier leather wholesaler and distributor.


Newberger Bros. offers a wide variety of leathers, including cowhide/pigskin/goatskin/buffalo, veg leathers, heavy motorcycle, suede splits, oil tans, shoe linings/uppers, garment, industrial, sporting goods leathers, and finished products such as wallets and belt blanks.


Newberger Bros, LLC, America’s premier leather wholesaler and distributor, was founded in 1923. The company produces leather to its specifications on every continent for clients whose manufacturing facilities are located throughout the world. It is more than likely that you have already used or worn a product from a maker who has used our leather.

Our main distribution facility is in Chicago where many of our finished hides are in stock for immediate delivery. Our clients include footwear manufacturers, luggage, leather goods, accessory and belt makers, as well as sporting goods, glove and garment producers. Alphapelli LLC, our affiliate, services clients who require leather upholstery for residential, commercial, automotive and aircraft use. The management and sales staff have over 100 years experience in the leather and tanning business. We deliver.

Making leather is as much an art as it is a science. It takes time to do it well. By working closely with its clients, and anticipating their needs, Newberger Bros. maintains stock and has supply chain logistics in place.  We are dedicated to a partnership with our customers and our reputation for standing behind what we sell is a hallmark in the industry.



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3023 N. Clark, Suite #193

Chicago, IL 60657




Over 100 years in the leather and tanning business.

Mailing Address:

3020 N. Clark St, Suite 193

Chicago, IL 60657

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