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With the largest in-stock inventory in North America, leathers are available for virtually every requirement. We are proud to present a few of our featured lines.

Regular Leather

This is an antanado type naked veg leather that offers versatility to get to that rich full grain look. It can be burnished or it can be polished with waxes before buffing. It can also be stained to develop that "customized" look. It is available in substances from 1.2mm through 2.2mm.

This is a fully penetrated naturally milled full grain leather. It features a soft supple hand with a great feel. It makes up into a very rich looking work boot or casual shoe, handbags, chaps, seating and belts. It is available in substance 1.6 through 2.3mm. Heavier substances enhance the richness of the natural pebble.

This is an elegant execution of a classic leather. It is a corrected hair cell yielding outstanding cutting. It is fully penetrated. It performs well for footwear, belts and leather goods. It is available in subsances 1.2 through 2.2mm.

This is a corrected grain hair cell leather formulated to allow a slight dry milling to achieve a unique look. It is softer in temper and the finish is relaxed, but not loose, due to the milling. It is a good leather for casual footwear, and looks great in some leather goods. We offer this in substances from 1.6 through 2.2mm.

This leather is akin to our Atanado, but offers an even more explosive brush up when buffed. We are featuring this in a wide spectrum of colors making it attractive for lady’s shoes, boots and bags. We offer this in substances ranging from 1.0 through 1.8mm.

This is a fully penetrated corrected grain smooth leather. Available in both matte and shiny finishes, it is always the best for a truly smooth look and feel. This is a perennial staple for all types of footwear, and a wide variety of other usage. This leather is available in substances from 1.0 through 3.2mm.

This is a lightly snuffed leather. Always fully penetrated, it offers a great mellow hand. Footwear made from this article is indistinguishable from shoes made out of full grain leather. Substances range from 1.2 through 2.0mm.

A long time favorite among our featured articles, this is fully penetrated milled leather with a nice soft supple hand. It is a natural for leather goods and some types of footwear. We can customize the milling to the client’s preference, and we can make this waterproof. Substances range from 1.0 to 2.0.

Soft Prima
This is a very basic corrected grain intended to provide a value option to our customers. It is always fully penetrated and can be produced with an antique "SOMBRA" effect. Cutting yields are always excellent whether utilized for ladies boots and shoes, western boots or leather goods. It is available in substances from 0.9 to 1.4mm.

This is a great new look that is all about fashion. It is milled with a slight pull up and a transparent finish. We offer this in a wide spectrum of soft colors making it a terrific choice for ladies shoes and bags, children’s footwear and a variety of accent items. Substances range from 1.0 to 1.4mm.

Premium Leather

Giant Calf
As the name implies, this leather offers richness in a big way. Giant Calf is a naturally milled full grain with an aniline finish and an elegant touch. This is a great handbag leather, but performs quite well in footwear of quality. The best substance is 1.1 to 1.3 or 1.2 to 1.4mm.

An exquisite lightweight full grain leather, this article is perfect for high quality footwear. It has a touch that is soft and velvety, and the colors are vibrant. We offer this in the lighter substances, ideal in 1.0/1.2mm.

High Five

This is fully penetrated full grain with an outstanding touch. Manufacturers of both footwear and leather goods products really like the rich quality of their finished products. The colors are alive as the leather is very high aniline. Substances range from 1.0 through 1.6mm.

This is a lightweight napa leather ideal for garments. This article is an old stand by that has evolved over the years into a product featuring a luxurious touch. It is priced competitively with great cutting yields. Typically, it is produced in substances 0.7/0.9mm, but can be made up to 1.2mm.

Veg Tan
This is a full veg milled leather with adaptability. It can be made dull for a casual look or dressed up with a brighter luster. Either way, the natural beauty of the leather stands out and has a great touch. It is an ideal handbag leather, but it will perform well for high quality leather goods. This article is produced in substances 1.0 through 1.6mm.

Double Shoulders
These are great for belts, produced in clean rectangular configurations. While ideal for belts, these can be cut efficiently for a wide variety of applications. Substances can be made available from 2.8/4.0mm.

Veg Bellies
Typically veg bellies are pretty basic, but these are produced in a very high quality tannage. The sizes are good averaging over five feet, and featuring wide widths. These are offered in substances from 2.4 through 3.6mm.

Specialty Leather

This is a lightweight specialty leather. It is made waterproof and performs well as a collar or gusset leather. However, it has a nice natural fell and is versatile enough to be considered for leather goods and some types of footwear. Generally, this is produced in 1.0/1.2, but it can range from 0.8 through 1.4.

Nubuck WPF
This is a specialty nubuck leather engineered to be used as a gusset and collar leather. It is waterproof and features a great vapor transference. It is value priced and has been a staple for many years. It can be made in substances from 0.8 through 1.4.

Belt Leather

This is a heavy weight high veg content leather. It is ideal for belts and those specialty usage’s requiring a leather that needs to be molded. It is fully penetrated and highly UV resistant. Typically it is produced in 3.2-3.6, but lighter weights can be made available.

Little Italy
This is a full grain leather that can be offered in sides, but is featured as a double culata. It is milled with a full aniline finish resulting in the richest of looks and feels. It is a perfect choice for belts and all kinds of leather goods. It can be made available in a non-milled version. Typical it is produced in substance 1.4/1.6, but some slight variance up or down is possible.

These are full veg culatas, and can be offered both as crust and as a fully finished product. They can be made fully penetrated in a variety of colors. This article would be an excellent choice for belts as it features the proper lengths without much waste. It can be made in substances up through 3.6


Finished Splits
This article is a staple in our line. It is a high performance finished double butt split. It is used for shoes, belts, leather goods and a wide spectrum of specialty items. It is most often produced with a hair cell, but other textures can be offered. Substances offered range from 1.2 through 2.0.

Suede Splits(040)
These are suede splits intended for those clients requiring a slightly heavier split. It is used for tool pouches, footwear, belts and industrial purposes.

Lining Leather

Pig Lining
This is a lightweight full grain pig, generally produced in substance 0.7-0.9. It can be made slightly heavier. It is used for linings in footwear, and it is available in a wide range of colors.

Cow Lining
This is a very basic cow lining. It is full grain and is made on smaller sides so the hand is very nice. This can be produced with some flexibility in that it can be finished or naked, or milled if required. Substances are strictly light: 0.7/0.9 or 0.8/1.0.

This is a high quality line of linings produced in calf. It has a very tight grain with a very elegant touch. It is an excellent choice for high quality footwear. It has also been used as a leather goods material. Substances range from 0.7 through 1.1.


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